The Life of EarthTV Series Composer (2 episodes)Smithsonian/Zee2019
ElectionTV Theme ComposerBBC2010 - 2017
Never Mind the Buzzcocks (Series 19-28)TV Theme Co-remixerBBC2006 - 2015
How the Universe Works (Seasons 1-3)TV Series Composer (25 episodes)Discovery2010 - 2014
Inside the Animal MindTV Series Composer (3 episodes)BBC/PBS2014
Great Barrier ReefTV Series Composer (3 episodes)BBC/Animal Planet2012
I Shouldn’t Be Alive (Seasons 2-6)TV Series Composer (44 episodes)Discovery2006 - 2012
Mermaids: The Body FoundTV Special ComposerAnimal Planet2011
Last Day of the DinosaursTV Special ComposerDiscovery2010
MoonshotTV Movie ComposerITV/History2009
When We Left Earth: 40th Anniversary SpecialTV Special ComposerDiscovery2009
1066TV Movie ComposerChannel 42009
True HeroesTV Series Composer (9 episodes)Discovery2008
When We Left EarthTV Series Composer (8 episodes)Discovery2008
City of ViceTV Series Composer (5 episodes)Channel 42008
Fearless PlanetTV Series Composer (6 episodes)Discovery2007
The Relief of BelsenTV Movie ComposerChannel 42007
America at a CrossroadsTV Series Composer (1 episode)PBS2007
Natural WorldTV Series Composer (1 episode)BBC2007
Comedy CutsTV Theme Co-composerITV2007
A Harlot’s ProgressTV Movie ComposerChannel 42006
Movie LoungeTV Theme Co-composerITV2006
NatureTV Series Composer (1 episode)PBS2006
Tamazin’s Great British ClassicsTV Theme ComposerITV2005
The Painted GardenTV Theme ComposerITV2005
Trafalgar Battle SurgeonTV Movie ComposerChannel 42005
God’s Rottweiller?TV Documentary ComposerChannel 42005
Princes in the TowerTV Movie ComposerChannel 42005
Frank Lloyd Wright: Murder, Myth & ModernismTV Documentary ComposerBBC2005
Infamous Fives (Series 1-2)TV Series Co-composer (17 episodes)Channel 42003 - 2005
Dragons: A Fantasy Made RealTV Special ComposerAnimal Planet2004
Extraordinary PeopleTV Series Composer (1 episode)Channel 52004
I’ll Show Them Who’s Boss (Series 2)TV Series Co-composer (4 episodes)BBC2004
HorizonTV Series Composer (1 episode)BBC2004
Zoo StoryTV Theme ComposerITV2004
Medical MysteriesTV Series Composer (3 episodes)BBC2004
Tommy Walsh Makes it BigTV Theme Co-composerITV2004
Baby’s RoomTV Theme Co-composerDiscovery2004
Inside AntiquesTV Theme ComposerBBC2004
The True StoryTV Series Composer (4 episodes)Channel 52003 - 2004
The Pilot ShowTV Theme Co-composerChannel 42003
My West CountryTV Theme ComposerITV2003
Richard & Judy: You Say We PayTV Theme Co-composerChannel 42002
The American EmbassyTV Series Composer (additional music)Fox2002
Country Lives (Series 1-3)TV Series ComposerITV2000 - 2002
DominionTV Series Co-composer (4 episodes)Channel 42000
House of RockTV Theme Co-composerChannel 42000
The BenchTV Movie ComposerITV1999
ElevenComposerDanny Page, Jason EftimoskiRansom Films 2014
The Dinosaur ProjectComposerSid BennettStudioCanal2012
RocketmenComposerRichard DaleSony Pictures Entertainment2009
The All TogetherCo-composerGavin ClaxtonLionsgate2007
BlindsightComposer (additional music)Lucy WalkerRevelation Films2006
Flip FlotsamComposerEtienne Oliff, Lucy BatemanJourneyman Pictures2003